Saturday, August 14, 2010

[Blog] Grand Opening

I'm writing a novel. I'm nearing the completion of this novel after several years of going on and off from it. It started as a Nanowrimo project in November of 2007. I wrote 51,000 words in that month, and "won" the challenge. But after that the inspiration slowed. I was in the midst of a dying relationship of two years at the time and was a bit heartsick.

I started writing another novel which wasn't fantasy-based. It was a real-world novel about a fictional doppelganger of myself and her love-life issues compounded by psychological issues. It was an interesting read for friends and family, but a bit depressing and one of my friends even pointed out that it "treated the reader poorly."

After becoming happily married this year I discovered that I loved the story I had started back in 2007 and began to undertake a massive overhaul on the novel. I'm confident that it's shaping up to be better than much of what you'll find in the fantasy section at your local book store.

Hence, I've started this site as a place to post updates and buzz about the project. To learn more about the story itself, read the About The Book page.

My Supportive Husband & I

~Raederle Phoenix Jacot

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