Wednesday, October 27, 2010

[Blog] English Class

Someone from High School mentioned that they were not surprised that I was writing a fantasy series. After all, I always "kicked their ass" in English Class.

I wrote her this reply;

"I always did love English class... Mostly because it was more useful than other classes. I never used a darn thing I learned in any history class, and thereby forgot most everything right away anyway. I could have made use of the math, but decided not to since I had other callings. But English is something we read, something we speak and something we write. This may not be true for everyone, but for me, I do all three of those a lot every day."

English Class assignments were always fun to me. It was a writing challenge, and I loved that, which pushed me to put my all into it.

There is that quote that goes something like; "When there is pleasure in the work, there is skill in the output..." or something along those lines, and it's true.

Paper after paper scored a perfect hundred, or at the least a 92% or so. I prided myself on it. Sometimes I wish I had writing assignments, but I suppose I fill the void with endless blogging on the topics I'm passionate about -- writing, health, fitness, art, experiences and other things.

As it is now, the status on my book is that I'm looking for more beta readers and contemplating what printer to buy. I need a new simple black and white printer so that I can send out my CV, synopsis and manuscript sample to my favorite publishers. I need more beta readers because I've grown so familiar with my own story that I desire outside opinions to help me refine the details of the first of this series. If you're interested in beta-reading, shoot me an e-mail at


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