Tuesday, October 19, 2010

[Blog] First Book Completetion

I've written the final chapter for book one of my fantasy series. The first book has an ending, and the second book is drafted out. I'm currently in the phase where I'm doing the final revisions and edits of the first book. If you're interested in helping me look for errors and inconsistencies, contact me to gain access to a google document and become a beta reader.

I begin submissions to large publishers within the month. I've written a synopsis, according to the guidelines that Tor publishing suggests on their site. I've organized my Curriculum Vitae as an author.

If no traditional publishing house is interested in a contract, that I will likely self-publish through Author House. If you have any ideas, or suggestions, or information you think I would benefit from, please comment.


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  2. I'm a hard critic and I'd like to read your book if you'd let me. First piece of advice though.. You might want to rename it from Moons of Blood to something more unique and/or thought provoking. It kinda makes your book sound like it's about periods. Email me at Clippedwings95@hotmail.com